1. Finance of Working Capital

2. Legal Assistance

3. Fusions

4. Tax liabilities

5. Company acquisition

6. Company valuation

7. Company sale

8. Special judicial orders

9. Credits

10. Government bonds

11. Company Restructuring

12. Information System

a. Debt negotiation with banks

b. Debt negotiation with suppliers

Main services:
- Request of temporary and permanente work authorization;
- Request of visa for investors;
- Request of definitive stay based on mirriage with Brazilian citizen or due to having Brazilian children;
- Family reunion;
- Naturalization;
- Nationality option;
- Residence permit based on the agrément between Brazil - Mercosul, Bolivia and Chile;
- Extension and transformation of visas;
- Elaboration of technical assistance agréments;
- Obtainment of Brazilian documentation;
- Customized management of projects;

Main services:
- Obtainment of work visas;
- Assistance to withdrawal the visa in diferente Brazilian Consulates abroad;
- Assistance with the mandatory register by the Federal Police;

Main services:
- Assistance to apply for business visa, tourist visa, transit visa and work visas;
- Assistance to obtain the necessary documents to the transference (certificates);
- Consular statement and registration obtainment;
- Legalization of documents;
- Schedule of interviews/cosular accompaniment, when necessary;
- Permanent residence, including the ones based on the agrement between Brazil - Mercosul, Bolivia and Chile.
- Destionation Services in the host country;
- Cross cultural training;
- Customized management of projects;
- Revision of polices and rules of Expatriation;

Main services:
- Reception at arrival in Brazil;
- Consultancy for temporary accommodation;
- Familiarization trip;
- Cross cultural training;
- Home search;
- Lease contract negotiation;
- Inspection of the rented property;
- Assistance with hiring residential services;
- Assistance with purchasing or renting furniture;
- Welcome kit;
- School search;
- Residential maintenance aid;
- Lease contract termination;
- Assistance with disconnection of residential services.